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Strategic Partnerships

Arnel Associates welcomes strategic partnerships with complementary businesses, including accountants and freelance bookkeepers. We do all the work; you reap the rewards. Offer more services to your clients, without taking time away from your service specialties. Provide greater value with no additional investment.

We frequently partner with insurance brokers and financial planners. Our professionals design benefit plans and manage employee enrollment. We also provide customer service and ongoing plan management. You receive a share of the monthly commission.

Our expertise and products enhance your offerings; we don’t compete with them. In fact, when referrals request information about products and services that you provide, we refer them right back. And when your referral sends us additional business, you receive a commission.

As an extra bonus, our ability to save clients money frees up the resources they need for other services: your services.

Call 212-973-1492 today to learn how we can help you provide greater client value and earn more money with no additional investment.

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