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Finding a great insurance rate is just the beginning.

Saving money is important. But getting the right plan for your life, health and employee insurance needs is downright critical. A discounted rate for the wrong insurance coverage isn’t a bargain; it’s a costly mistake.

Employee benefits like flexible spending accounts, dental, vision, and short- and long-term disability plans vary from business to business. And individuals have different needs when it comes to life and health insurance coverage.

But the process doesn’t end there. Finding the right employee benefits or individual insurance program at the best rate simply puts you on the road. Reaching your journey’s end safely requires something more: service.

Welcome to Arnel Associates.

Our experts provide the advice you need to make the right decisions when choosing insurance policies and coverage—from individual life and disability insurance to employee benefits, including group health insurance and flexible spending accounts.

Since 1986 we’ve built a solid reputation on providing clients with custom employee benefits and personal insurance solutions at competitive rates. When challenges strike, we spring into action. We work with insurance carriers to ensure our clients receive prompt service, saving time and, ultimately, money.

We take care of claims disputes so you can get back on track—without delay, without hassle.

Call us at 212-973-1492 for a free insurance assessment.

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