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Employee Benefits

Give your employees the benefits they deserve—and give your bottom line some relief.

Our employee benefits specialists help you balance employees’ needs with financial feasibility. Create a flexible health insurance program that gives employees the freedom of choice. Individuals who require greater coverage can choose a plan with an extended provider network or richer prescription benefits. Younger employees in good health can opt for a plan that meets basic medical needs.

Our policies include a wide range of options, including dental, vision and alternative medicine coverage. We can also set up flexible spending accounts that let you use pre-tax dollars to pay for services not included in your policy.

We apply the same custom approach to our other employee benefits packages, including group life and AD&D, short- and long-term group disability, and 401(k) retirement savings plans.

When claims issues arise, our experienced brokers provide confidential liaison between your employees and the insurance carrier. We free your human resources staff to focus on other matters.

Enhance your overall benefits package with Arnel Associates, and save time and money.

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